CAGE Director Pleads ‘Not Guilty’ Over Refusal To Submit Passwords

The International Director of the advocacy group CAGE pleaded ‘Not Guilty’ to charges relating to refusing to hand over passwords during a Schedule 7 interrogation in November 2016.

Muhammad Rabbani was charged on the 17th of May 2016 after he was stopped at Heathrow airport last year. Rabbani maintains he was unable to hand over the passwords to his devices as they contained confidential and crucial information in a case of torture of an individual. Rabbani did not have the permission from this client to share the information.

The 36-year-old appeared in Westminster Magistrates Court on Tuesday the 20th of June and after confirming his name, address and date of birth, Rabbani pleaded not guilty to a charge under Schedule 7 of the Terrorism Act 2000. The charge states: “on November 20 2016, at Heathrow airport, he did wilfully obstruct, or sought to frustrate, an examination or search.

 The chief magistrate confirmed Rabbani would face a one-day trial at the same court on the 25th of September and he was released on unconditional bail.

After leaving court, Rabbani said: “I have just left Westminster magistrates court where I have pleaded not guilty to the charges against me, which are essentially about a password and my…decision to not hand over that password to protect my confidentiality.”

Rabbani further stated: “I believe the court will find me innocent of all charges, which have implications for lawyers, journalists, doctors, businessmen, anybody travelling with confidential information through the UK borders.”



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