Musings: Pointing The Gun Towards Turkey

The national propaganda mouthpiece of the UAE regime, a regime, alongside the Saudis, that has recently been making deep overtures to become a satellite state for America, ran a story regarding some statements made by HR McMaster, the national security advisor of America, at an event held by the neo-conservative think tank Policy Exchange.

Link to story here.

A few observations & thoughts quickly sprang to mind when reading this piece and the statements within. The statements are not anything particularly new in nature, but remain fascinating none the less in understanding the destructive role of America in world affairs.

Turkey in the Spotlight

  • The guns are squarely pointing towards Qatar & Turkey, simply for being remotely sympathetic to Islamic causes. This manifesting in the failed coup attempt in Turkey & the siege laid upon Qatar.
  • McMaster claims Qatar & Turkeys support for Islamic causes is against Western interest. Outlining Western hegemony in the Muslim world, controlling how Muslims live & denying their self-determination to live by Islam.
  • He pinpoints the source of Turkey’s current positions to AKP & Erdogan. Are we going to start seeing more concerted efforts at bringing down Erdogan and AKP?
  • He notes “Turkey’s drift from the West”. Alhamdulillah. Turkey is not Western, it’s not part of the West. It’s an Islamic entity, it is Muslim, it is Eastern. It belongs to the Muslim world in the Eastern part of the world. Turkey is finding its home after wandering, for long, like a lost boy.

Political Islam

  • “Radical Islamist ideology”, whatever that exactly is, apparently a threat to all civilised people. In reality it is Western hegemony, with its militarism & cultural imperialism. Decimating nations with its military might & waging ideological war on peoples culture & ways of life, simply for Western ‘interests’, not the interests of people who live in those lands, but it’s (western) interests. They never ever hide this point and are quite brazenly arrogant about it.
  • Proposing that so called ‘radical’ ideas are being advanced through charities, madrassas and social organisations. Forget the fact that these are noble actions carried with good intentions by people, he clearly finds it worrying that Islamic groups are gaining mass grassroots support through noble work, perhaps it is their religion and its principles that makes them do these good work? So why the big concern with people doing good work? Of course if they win peoples hearts and minds, then it becomes a threat to western interests. The west is quite clearly and never has been interested in the betterment of any group of people, but simply interested in preserving its own interests.
  • The statement: “big problem when Islamist radical ideology bridges into political Islam,”, is an interesting one. As it seemingly splits ‘political Islam’ separate to ‘Islamist radical ideology’. When a lot of the language around this topic has pitched the two as one. I struggle to keep up or understand the varying definitions & usages of these terms, everyone seems to have their own definitions and terms. Perhaps a demonstration of the diverging ideas and forms in one camp with a single goal, bringing much headache to them. Know thy enemy? Not seemingly. Know thy self? Yes. (See Sun Tzu).
  • McMaster urged that they “build opposition groups that respect individual freedoms”, basically to setup and support Liberal ideological groups to oppose Islamic ones in Muslim countries. We can see the early birth of a new platform via the projects led by the crown princes of UAE & Saudi. Muslims in Muslim countries should start preparing for this onslaught to oppose it in all forms, Muslims in the West should already be familiar with it as they have faced large scale assault of this kind, some have resisted it successfully, others not so much.

Continued American Hegemony

  • “Advancing American prosperity, preserving peace through strength, and advancing American influence”. Expect more economic exploitation, more military campaigns and more hegemony. Makes you wonder who the real threat to the well being of the world is.
  • America is already a weakened entity, and it will continue to decline, in its attempt to salvage its hegemonic hand, what lengths will it go to? And what mistakes will it make?

Power Play

  • It’s interesting (but not new) to note that America sees both China and Russia as revisionist states (states seeking to become all powerful & hegemons themselves), as one of three biggest threats to its standing in the world and the world order it maintains, i.e. the ‘status quo’, the all supreme hegemon.
  • Important to note that Russia & China seeking hegemony is and should be seen as a threat by Muslims, because all hegemons will seek to exploit, influence & rule over the weaker state. Muslims should seek to become their own powerbase and be an equal power in any collaborative measures or partnerships with other entities.
  • McMaster noted a new style of warfare by Russia against America. It’s use of what you could classify as a form of PsyOps. Using fake news, disInfo, propaganda etc via the Internet and Social Media to divide and pit communities within a nation against each other. Nothing like internal strife bringing down a power?
  • What kind of speech would it be without mentioning Tehran? The former poses as a bulldog with rabies in the Middle East, jumping around everywhere creating menace. It will be interesting to see what divergence in strategy they take from Obama.

So what to expect in the years to come under the tutelage of Trump? More maneuvering to keep the status quo running, and chess moves to counter the ‘revisionist’ powers. John Pilger has recently released a docufilm on the potential of a war between America & China, with China’s ever growing economic power and its widening tentacles in the world scene which poses a direct threat to American hegemony. The former has encircled China with an array of 400 bases, has there ever been a more morbidly monstrous empire in history?

We are going to see an increase in the ideological assault on Muslims in the Muslim world, this time taking on a new face. Muslims must prepare to oppose this or face annihilation. I have full confidence in Muslims taking up the mantle here, bearing in mind we have been taking beatings for well over two centuries, battered and bruised with little space to breathe in, we still at heart remain hardy in our faith, resilient in our objection to all things batil and I have total and utter faith in the promises of Allah, who never forsakes any of his promises.

And never will Allah grant the unbelievers a way (to triumph) over the believers” [4:141]

That brings me to Turkey & Erdogan. How much more effort is going to be exerted to depose him? I’m not a fanboy of Erdogan in any shape or form and have many criticisms of him, but those who condemn him for not sending his armies to Burma, for big talking and no actioning, or simply not declaring the Khilafah are somewhat shortsighted in their expectations. None of the aforementioned are possibly in the current state of things, not without it bringing immediate destruction to Turkey.

What Erdogan has managed to do in a short space of time that no other Muslim leader has done or even attempted, in recent times anyway, is that he’s managed to turn a nation that had a hardline form of secularism and westocentrism thrust upon it, where religion disappeared from public life, to bringing the Deen back into the public sphere and onto the lips of the people. His formed a ‘group feeling’, (see Ibn Khaldun), amongst Turks, yes it’s mostly nationalistic in fervor but there is an element of the Muslim identity being infused in there, something not seen before, and I’ve seen a shift in many Turks, there’s a much more open & confident Muslim identity building. Erdogan has made some small attempts at rousing some Muslim ‘group feeling’ amongst Muslims in the ‘Muslim world’ too, with his rousing speeches on Muslim & Islamic issues evoking many emotions. The ‘group feeling’ is absolutely vital as one of the founding first steps in bringing together a demoralised divided Ummah that’s forgotten its identity, its living principles, its izzah, its Deen. It is what used to give constant rebirth in the Muslim world when one dynasty or rulership used to fall, the ‘group feeling’ and Islam would be at the heart, constantly giving rebirth to a new governing entity based on Islam, that would ensure continuity of security, stable governance & prosperity. We must support all attempts to bring this back and not stick daggers at each other, no matter how flawed something may be, every small step builds onto something bigger. It is the assembly of the collective that will bring ascendancy to the Ummah.

by Ibn Sabeel

Image source: AFP

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